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                SF Acrylic Display Co., Ltd, specializes in customized acrylic displays, resin displays, resin decorations and tanks. Our products are counter displays, photo frames, jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets) displays, watch displays, ring holders, bracelet holders, chain holders, custom made display boxes, customized counter top displays and other gift items. 
                Small to medium production runs are our specialty. We have experienced workers to provide better quality products and professional engineers to design for customers. We value every customers inquiry and mail a simple description of the product you need. We will provide you with our design pictures. If you inform us your rough sizes, shapes, thickness and quantity requirements, we will send you a competitive quotation. We are also helpful to provide a final price that includes shipping, so that you can compare the price with at you purchase locally.

    SF Acrylic Display Co., LTD

    Tel: 86-20-2297 0685

    Email: info@sfadisplay.com

    Website: www.nnbb3.com

    Address: Jixian Industrial Park, Huadou District, Guangzhou, China 510860



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    Tel: 86-20-2297 0685 Email: info@sfadisplay.com  Website: www.nnbb3.com
    Address: Jixian Industrial Park, Huadou District, Guangzhou, China 510860